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The purpose of the Ministry is to show the love of Christ through giving to meet the needs of the members and the community at large.

The Child Destiny School serves to teach and raise children in the Word of God and godliness. Teachings delivered during various sessions helps to reshape the minds of children to face the modern world by equipping them with the necessary tools for practical Christian living.
The Ministry also provides an invigorating environment for the development of the child and offers introduction career counselling and academic wisdom to the child.

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The Grace Fountain Gate Youth/ Young Adult Ministry exists to help young people grow spiritually, develop a deeper relationship with Christ, encourage uplifting relationships with other Christians and empower transformational relationships with non-believers.

This is the women’s wing/fellowship of the church.
It was established to serve as an outreach to women. For nurturing through fellowship, and the discovering and releasing of locked up potentials and purposes through productive and meaningful participation in the group’s activities.

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We believe that families never grow beyond the spirituality of its men. The Mashack Ministry is made up of men in Christ who seek to glorify and serve God through the building of character, integrity and influence by encouraging other men to take the next step in walking with Christ through prayer, study, fellowship and reproducing His Life (Jesus) in others.

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